Why are Binary Converters useful?

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In this article, you will learn what binary converters are used for, and why they are useful when converting between different number systems.

Binary code is the native language of digital computers. Computer systems can only understand data and instructions from people after converting them to the binary system. The binary number system has a radix of 2, which means it has only two characters, 0 and 1. These are called bits, which stands for binary digits. Computers are constantly converting text, images, videos, and even sound to the binary system. In order to understand computer language, we need to understand the binary translation process.

For quick and easy binary to decimal conversion, head over to the binary to decimal converter.

What is binary conversion?

Binary conversion refers to the process of converting binary code to another format. For instance, a binary number can always be converted from the binary number system to the decimal, octal or hexadecimal number system, and vice versa.

Also, digital devices such as your smartphone store all the text you read and write as binary code. This means that they have to encode any text to binary code before saving or sending it, and decode it again when it’s time to display it on screen.

You can reproduce this process manually by converting text to binary code, either manually (here’s How to Convert Text to Binary) or automatically using an online Text to Binary converter.

Obviously you can also do the opposite, and convert from binary code to text using a Binary Translator, or doing it manually.

How does an online binary converter work?

An online binary code translator is a simple and easy to use tool. All you have to do is type in or copy-paste code into the box provided. After that, click the translate button. In less than a second, you have your binary translation. You can now click on the copy button to copy your code for pasting somewhere, or you can click the save button which downloads your code into a file in your Downloads folder.

Why do we need online converters?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use binary converters.

To convert binary code to decimal numbers for math class

As you go up grades in school, your syllabus will include learning how to convert between different numeric systems or bases like base 5, or the octal system. There are different algorithms for converting one base to another, for example, the Remainder Method and the expanded notation method. After converting your bases, check if your answers are right by using a binary converter.

To convert different numeric systems in computer science classes

When you take computer science courses at university, there will be a lot of binary code involved. You will also learn about octal, hexadecimal, and duodecimal number systems. You are going to be using a binary converter a lot in computer science – to convert text to binary or decimal system to binary. If you plan to become a programmer, you have to understand binary code.

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To encode a secret message

If you want to send a secret message to your friends (or enemies), use a binary converter to create a message that is unreadable by outside people. All they will see is a string of 0’s and 1’s. Remember that your recipient must plug the code into a binary converter to understand the message. Encoding messages using binary converters is the perfect way to send secret messages.

To translate random bits of binary code

Have you ever come across binary code in a movie or a book, maybe a message, or a joke in binary code and you wanted to know what it was all about? Just copy it into the binary converter and click Translate. Now you know what that message or joke was about. You can also get a cool tattoo in binary code. Or learn the binary equivalent for your name.

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Advantages of using binary converters

Let’s take a look at the features of binary converters that make them great tools for online binary conversion.

Online binary converters are faster than manual conversion

Take a look at the process of manually converting binary code to text here: How to Convert Binary to Text (ASCII)

The manual conversion of binary code is a long, drawn-out process. Some people find it fun, especially when creating secret messages for friends. However, the facts are that using online converters takes less than a fraction of a second, and nobody wants to spend five minutes converting a simple digit into an 8-bit binary code.

Online binary converters are very accurate with zero errors

Using an online binary converter ensures 100% accuracy. Computers don’t make mistakes. If you need super-fast conversions with zero mistakes, enter your code into an online binary converter. With this, you can cross-check your solutions for math class, or get accurate binary code for programming.

Online binary converters are easy to use

Let’s face it – manual conversion takes a while to learn. It needs constant repetition and reviewing to make sure you don’t forget the principles. That’s why binary converters are so great – all you have to do is type in or paste your code into the converter and hit Translate – and voila, you have your code neatly translated, waiting for you to copy or save.

Online binary converters require no installation

One of the best things about online binary converters is that they are always available, all the time. There is no need to install them anywhere on your computer. As long as you have a web browser (like the one you are using to read this article right now), you will always be able to use the binary converter.

Online binary converters take care of decimal points

Anyone who has had to convert between different numeral systems knows how difficult things become when decimal points are added to the mix. Use a binary converter to convert numbers that have decimal points in them easily. You can also use binary converters to check if your answer by manual conversion is right.

Use Binary Converters!

Now that you know all about the awesomeness of online binary conversion, it’s time for you to start crunching binary numbers. Type in your 0’s and 1’s and start translating into the decimal number system. Or, type in your decimal digits for easy binary conversion.

Here’s a list of all the binary converters available on ConvertBinary:

Have fun converting binary!