About ConvertBinary

The purpose of ConvertBinary is to be the Best ever Resource about Binary Code.

Our goal is to provide the widest array of tools to manipulate and convert binary code.

We also strive to offer the most comprehensive and yet easily understandable educational content for anyone who is interested in learning more about binary code, and specifically around the topics of conversion between the binary number system and other data representations.

Our Tutorials are written in an easy to understand step-by-step format, with lots of images, examples and explanatory videos.

And while we believe that the topic of Binary Code is important, we also think that there is some room for some fun and humour on our site – after all, people tend to learn better when they can have a good laugh.

FAQs about our Tools

🎯 Are your Binary Converters accurate?

All of our Binary Code tools work with 100% accuracy, to the best of our knowledge.
The source codes of our Tools have been audited by different mathematicians and programmers, and they haven’t found any flaw.
While we do not guarantee that the output will always be free from errors, we are committed to provide the most accurate and reliable service possible. If you can think of an improvement that we may implement in any of our tools, please let us know.

💻 Where do the conversions and calculations happen?

When you use our Binary Code Tools, all the calculations and conversions to and from binary code and between different number systems are performed on the “client side”, i.e. the entire process happens solely on the device that you are using to access the site.

🔒 Do you read or store any data entered in your tools?

Short answer: no.
Long answer: the conversion is happening on the client side (see previous answer), and there is nothing in the source code of our Binary Code Tools that can send to our servers any input, output or meta data regarding the content you are working with.
In other words, when you use our Tools the content that you are entering or reading is private and visible only to you.
See our Privacy Policy if you need more information.

😃 Is the site really free to use?

Yes. All our Binary Code Tools, contents and resources are made available to everyone for free, 100%.

💸 How do you make money?

The site generates revenue from advertising: so if you opt in to see ads on this site, you will help us maintain and grow ConvertBinary as the Best Resource about Binary Code.

History of the website

Back in 2006, the author had set up a personal blog with the purpose of storing tutorials, notes and tools about miscellaneous IT topics.

One such tool happened to be a binary translator.

Fast forward a few years, the IT blog had not been updated much as it happens, and therefore its usefulness was declining: so eventually in 2010 its author decided to shut it down…

Meanwhile however the Binary Translator page had become the most popular resource on the site, and it was used by hundreds of people daily!

Not wanting to deprive those people by a resource that they deemed useful, he decided to give the translator a new home: ConvertBinary.com was available as a domain name, and it was also fit to host a wider array of binary code tools, for which some users had express interest into.

So, on October 1st, 2010 ConvertBinary was born! Over time, other converters were published, the site got a new design and more content, until it slowly took its current form.

About a decade later, millions of visitors from all over the world are visiting ConvertBinary to use its free Tools and learn about Binary code!

Who is behind ConvertBinary?

ConvertBinary.com is currently owned and operated by supergloo, inc, a private company based in the USA.

A passionate team of coders, writers, translators and web professionals is taking good care of the website for its many users.

Would you like to contribute?

Depending on your background and skills, there are many ways for you to improve ConvertBinary.

You may write an article or a tutorial, translate existing content, or even simply share a suggestion.

Get in touch today. Your input will be appreciated!